Worldwide Crypto Debit Card

Utility Coin Cryptocurrency Visa Debit

My buddies are getting really close to releasing their worldwide crypto Visa Debit card where you can legally and ethically spend your dollars anywhere — tax-free. That means buying groceries, gassing up, getting the kids some toys… y’know, everything, including your everyday purchases, plus the kitchen sink. I am STOKED!!!

Watch this presentation here

(This is NOT a video — it is an interactive presentation. If you leave, you can then come back any time and it’ll take you back to the same place you left off!)

I freakin’ L-O-V-E this ecosystem. Myself and my dad have ZERO qualms recommending it to you. Why? Because veteran COMEX traders have tried so hard to find faults & poke holes in this thing, and successfully failed. It checks out. (And no, Google won’t give you all the information!)

Many personal friends have built real businesses & relationships off the back of this easy & accessible decentralized network. Because it’s also “a new railroad in America… and anyone can profit off of it.”*

The tax-free worldwide crypto Visa Debit’s the topping on this cake, and I am so hungry for it you wouldn’t believe. Thought you might wanna take a look.

*That’s how the great marketers and copywriters of yore talked about fiber optics. This is another railroad altogether, an even GREATER one.

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