Check Gold and Silver Prices While On the Go

Simple app that is easy to use with fast 2-Click access to latest gold and silver prices. Never miss a gold buying opportunity again!
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Application For Checking Gold and Silver Prices While On The Go

Gold Rate 24 Hrs

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Designed for Speed: Zero to $/oz. in 3.5 Seconds!


Incredibly Easy To Use

No instructions required. Minimalist design that is easy to use. You’ll hit the road running checking prices while on the go, literally.


Fast 2-Click Access

No fancy options included. Just fast and intuitive 2-Click access to today’s up to the minute silver or gold prices per oz.


All The Information You Need, And None That You Don’t.

All the information you need displayed in one scrollable page. Show’s today’s spot gold and silver prices, charts and also silver & gold prices history in the form of monthly and annual historical charts.


Tilt Horizontally For Bigger Charts Display

Want to see bigger charts ? No problem, just tilt your smartphone horizontally and the charts will be displayed in bigger size for your further analysis.


Refresh For Latest Prices

Simple refresh button on top to retrieve the latest prices.


It’s FREE, As In Beer.

Did I mention it’s free ? Go ahead and DOWNLOAD it now!

Reviews & Testimonials

Open. Then two choices. Gold or Silver. Choose one. See the current ticker and scroll down for some awesome up to date charts. Really GOOD

fdrrde (REVIEWER)

I really like being able to check the condition of my investment anytime & anywhere. Plus being able to see the history in a graph is so easy and quick.


Oh what a beaut. So simple and easy. I dont mind the ads. Better than the other kitco apps.

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