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How Much Should I Invest in Precious Metals and Crypto?

Many ask me: “How much of my portfolio or assets should I put into precious metals or crypto?” Although gold and silver have never fallen to zero, savvy investors think of precious metals as more of a hedge against inflation than an investment with a return. If you don’t quite understand the precious metal market […]

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What are Fractional gold bars and Where to buy Grams of Gold

Fractional gold bars are small gold bars that weigh less than a troy ounce (31.1 grams). They are an alternative to full-sized gold bars and offer a more affordable option for those looking to invest in gold. Most fractional gold bars for sale typically range from 1 gram to 10 or 20 grams of gold, […]

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Riskless Assets: Cash and... Gold? Risk Free?

Riskless assets are a type of asset that international rules define as as free from any risk of loss. This means you can use them to protect your investments from inflation and other financial risks. Riskless assets are typically government bonds, cash, and gold. With the Basel III rules in 2021, the Bank for International […]

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Top 10 Personal Money Management Apps For Android

If you are a user of my gold and silver price checker app, you may also be interested in checking out the top 10 Android apps for personal money management at, Personally I believe that gold and silver investment should be used for wealth preservation, but that is just a component of an […]

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The Dow to Gold & Silver Ratios and Why Is it Important to Keep Track

What is a Dow/Gold ratio and why is it important to know about it and track it? It’s because it is a great indicator of where we are in the market cycle, and most importantly to know if it’s to buy, hold or sell gold & silver. Check out this article for a great introduction […]

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